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That's the reason why I'm running.

The stock market keeps going up, but way too many families around Green Bay are just barely getting by.

We need relief.  We need leaders who will take action.

With a historic $7 billion budget surplus, we can invest in public education, raise the minimum wage, fully fund the Child Care Counts Program, and finally expand Medicaid.

We can do all of these things to help working families – and it starts by electing new leadership down in Madison.

Let's get started!


About Me

I'm the fifth generation of my family to live in northeast Wisconsin.

I didn't come from money – my dad is a welder and my mom is a dental hygienist.  I grew up in Little Suamico, and I went to public school in grades K-12.  I then went on to earn my bachelor's degree from Princeton in 2016.  After that, I worked for a few years in the Washington D.C. area, before returning home and graduating from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2022.  I currently work as a prosecutor in the Brown County District Attorney's Office.  My focus is on prosecuting drunk drivers & keeping our community safe.


My Five Priorities:

       Hold the Line on Taxes for the Middle Class

           Our state has a $7 billion budget surplus.  There is absolutely no need

           to raise taxes on people who are working hard & playing by the rules.

       Invest More Money in Public Education

           I'm a product of our public schools.  They are the backbone of our

           communities, and it would be foolish not to invest in our future --- our kids.

       Raise the Minimum Wage

           Wisconsin has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country.  It's time we

           actually pay workers a fair wage.

       Fully Fund the Child Care Counts Program

           Parents can't go to work if their kids don't have childcare.  It's that simple.

           We must ensure that every family has access to quality, affordable childcare.

       Finally Expand Medicaid

           The money is sitting on the table.  If we accept federal funding, we can

           provide healthcare coverage to tens of thousands of Wisconsinites.

Let's Connect!

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